Acupoint Foot Massage Mat

Relief for All Types of Foot Problems/ache/pain. Relax Your whole body and Increase Blood Flow.

With the help of this foot massage mat, you can raise your health defenses, strengthen your heart, and reduce the hazards associated with weight loss.

Presenting the foot massager that uses innovative technology that has been shown through studies to relax the calves of your feet, effectively ease fatigue, reduce muscle stiffness and pain, lower body weight and body fat.

These foot massagers employ low-frequency electrical pulse technology (EMS) to stimulate the muscles in the feet thereby giving your feet the comfort it deserves.

This circular massage machine stimulate your nerves, strengthen your leg muscles, and lessen calf and foot pain. Also, this massage mat improves blood circulation in your feet and legs.

What Is The EMS Technology?

Overall, your muscles can move using electricity by undergoing electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). You may work out your muscles without having to move them yourself by doing this.

Foot Massage Mat: How It Works

Your skin is covered with tiny electrodes, usually close to the muscles you wish to work out. Your muscles contract and relax as a result of the electrical signals that are sent to them by these electrodes, exactly as they would if you were lifting weights as part of a workout.

Foot Massage Mat: Who Can Use This Mat?

  • Those who have difficulty moving their muscles on their own, such as those who are injured or have specific medical issues, can benefit from EMS.
  • If you have diabetes, arthritis, or another disease.
  • If you spend the most of your day standing, perhaps at work.
  • In the event that you are overweight and want to lose weight quickly.
  • Athletes can also utilize it to train and build their muscles.

Foot Massage Mat: Conclusively

Overall, EMS is an alternative to conventional methods like lifting weights or performing bodyweight exercises for exercising and strengthening your muscles.

Foot Massage Mat: What Benefits Are In For You?

Researchers investigated whether or not EMS could improve the performance of athletes who compete in professional sports in a study that was conducted in 2012 and published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning.

The researchers concluded their investigation by saying that "EMS offers a promising alternative to traditional strength training for boosting the strength metrics and motor abilities in athletes."

A different example of the effectiveness of EMS is provided by a 2015 study titled "Effects of high-frequency current therapy on abdominal obesity in young women: a randomized controlled experiment."

This study investigated if EMS could aid with weight loss.

A number of electrodes were implanted on the stomachs of a group of women who participated in this trial to administer high-frequency current therapy for 30 minutes. Three times a week for six weeks, the subjects participated in these sessions. The subject's waist circumference, body mass index, subcutaneous fat mass, and percentage of total body fat were all measured after the six-week period.

Unexpectedly, without changing their diet or exercise routines, the EMS did in fact have significant effects on reducing waist circumference, abdominal obesity, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage, which led the researchers to draw the following conclusion: "The use of the high-frequency current therapy may be beneficial for reducing the levels of abdominal obesity in young women."

This rightly indicates that weight loss can be achieved via EMS.The development of the EMS Foot Massager was made possible by utilizing this study.

Foot Massage Mat: Features

EMS Technology

This bioelectric foot massager uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to send impulses directly to the leg muscles.

Portable & Multi-purpose

The foot massager is transportable and fits in a drawer or luggage.
It is appropriate for all types of foot of all sizes, middle-aged persons, the elderly, those who work in offices, women who frequently wear high heels, etc.

6 Modes & 9 Intensity Levels

The EMS foot massagers include six simple settings and nine levels of stimulation intensity adjustment (intensity 1-9, from weak to strong).
It contains a double wave variable frequency 15-minute auto-cycle mode that will give you the best foot massage possible.

Foot Massage Mat: Benefits

  • Relieves swollen feet by massaging the soles of the feet.
  • Improves sleep and encourages blood flow to the feet.
  • Controls calf muscles and gives calves their form.
  • You can unwind anywhere thanks to the foot massager mat's minimal weight, portability, and ability to fold up.
  • It's sturdy and excellent for those who have pain, cold feet, and discomfort in their feet.
  • If you use this foot massager for just 15 minutes a day, it will help you relax effectively.

Foot Massage Mat: How To Use

  • Attach the control unit to the front of the massage footrest and attach it.
  • Place your feet on the massaging footrest (the footrest directly touches the skin of the sole of the foot).
  • Long press the power button to turn on the controller, and lightly press the power button to switch the mode. 6 modes are available in total, which can be manually activated one by one.
  • Lightly press the +/- button to change the intensity level.

Foot Massage Mat: Tips

  • Put both of your feet on the mat simultaneously.
  • Use it no more than twice a day; do not abuse it.

Foot Massage Mat: What Does My Package Include?

  1. 1
    Main unit x 1.
  2. 2
    1 x mat.
  3. 3
    1 x user manual

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